Posted on November 29, 2017 in Leadership

There’s been an on-going battle of the ages between the different generations. It is nothing uncommon to see disagreements and false assumptions when it comes to the perspectives of one generation towards another, especially in a business setting.

In regards to business and leadership, the idea that multiple generations can’t work on the same same team effectively, is a false tale.

At Audēmus Inc., we pride ourselves in being able to utilize the vast experience of the older generations in combination with the tech-savvy passions of the younger ones. Many Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers view Millennials as impatient and lazy. Millennials often get frustrated with the older generations as they feel they are not quick enough. We take a much different perspective. We believe that age and total years experience have nothing to do with success.


Building Soft and Technical Skills

One of the greatest benefits in having leadership that spans among the many generations is that when it is done correctly, it deepens company value. Conflict will likely arise, however, pushing through and listening to what each person has to say will allow for the older generations to lead with experience, connections and wisdom, and for millennials to lead with ideas, technology and innovation.

The key is trust. Show your millennial counter-part that you have underlying confidence in what they have to say. Let them show you and the rest of the team why something works. Take a step back as a millennial and allow the older generations to implement structure and best practices. By understanding the drive of each generation, you can deepen their purpose.

An Enhanced Leadership Environment at Audēmus

To heighten our success, our team ranges from various generations and backgrounds. This allows for quicker business growth by enhancing the work environment for each person at Audēmus through strong communication. There are moments when both generations must take a step back to understand what the other generation is seeking to explain, thus making strong communication vital.

Typically, Baby Boomers prefer face-to-face conversations, Gen-Xers want to talk over the phone and face-to-face conversations, millennials favor email, text and applications such as Slack or WhatsApp.

So which form of communication is best for a multi-generational company?

All of them. At Audēmus, we leverage every type of communication style to maximize efforts. This allows for each person to be met where they are at and to deepen effectiveness and efficiency.

More about the leadership at Audēmus

It is a fact that we don’t always agree, and we’re okay with that. In our disagreements we find that listening to each other’s perspectives will give us a better opportunity to get something right. Each member of our leadership is passionate about the business and typical the main goals are aligned. This allows for a value in constructive criticism.

Audēmus Inc. is an accomplished, yet innovative, group of individuals focused on developing and growing superior customized software products, applications, websites, and network platforms. The word “Audēmus” (pronounced ‘au∙day∙mus’) is a Latin word that means “we dare, we venture, we risk” or rather more conventionally “we dare to be bold and are eager for the challenge”. Our team is just that; bold, innovative, and eager for the challenges of our clients to deliver the highest quality innovative technology products and services in the marketplace.